PUBG Long Range Weapons Guide


PUBG is a online multiplayer battle Royale game available on Mac, Windows , Android and iOS devices.In pubg players of 100 members will be sent to a lonely island without any weapons. After your drop you must collect the weapons available in the houses and basements to keep yourself alive.In order to save yourself from your enemies you should find some good weapons.Hence,We’ll give you a complete rundown of the best long range guns in PUBG.

Long Range Weapons - Snipers


A bolt-action sniper rifle that is found in air drops. It’s phenomenal for killing players in one shot to the head, even at the ridiculous range of beyond 500 metres. It does have a long duration between shots, but the bigger problem is the 300 ammunition that’s somewhat rare, only dropping in the crates with AWMs in them or found on enemy corpses.

You’ll usually get an 8x Scope in the Crate with the AWM, meaning it’s a free pass for long range domination. It’s also flexible enough to support other short range scopes and has a rocket-like bullet velocity that means almost no bullet drop. It even sounds incredible too, with a meaty boom that resonates with each bullet fired.


Another bolt-action rifle, but this one spawns normally and is just a fair bit better than the Kar98K. It reloads via magazines rather than single bullets, and also has a higher muzzle velocity and damage capability. You should definitely prioritise this over the Kar98K.Perfect for clearing rooms or spraying down teams at a distance, the M24 is like an Assault Rifle on steroids, but it does take some time getting used to. It’s got some pretty mean recoil and you can only attach scopes to it as well, which makes taming the beast a tricky affair.


The Kar98K is a bolt-action sniper rifle that fires 7.62mm rounds, and it can kill anyone with a Level 2 helmet in a single headshot. As you’d expect from a bolt-action rifle, however, it’s got an incredibly slow firing rate. It’s okay, but vastly outclassed by the other sniper rifles other than the vintage rifle.

4Winchester Model 1894

Not a particularly good weapon in all honesty, given its vintage nature. It uses .45 ACP rounds that has few attachment options, but can fire at medium to long range. It's said that, it’s pretty good in the early game, but should be upgraded with a better rifle when possible.


The VSS is a DMR, though the huge amount of bullet drop on each 9mm projectile makes it difficult to use at anything other than close range. The advantage it has over other weapons is that it comes with an inbuilt suppressor and a scope, which you can use to take shots at a longer range once you’ve learnt how. The VSS is better suited to close range engagements, and can be surprisingly useful in the late game, when the circle has shrunk down and not giving your position away is even more important than usual.


The Mini-14 DMR uses 5.56mm rounds. It fires in semi-auto with 20 rounds in each clip, and the minimal amount of bullet drop on each shot means that it can compete with the M16 and SKS at long distances. It does more damage than the M16, and is better at medium range than the SKS making it my preferred choice over those two.Despite its damage output not being particularly high, this is one of the most well-rounded guns in the game. It’s got the highest bullet velocity too, which makes long range fights a breeze. It also takes a variety of attachments so you can tailor it nicely to your individual needs.


The SKS is a semi-auto carbine rifle that uses 7.62mm bullets. Each shot can do a considerable amount of damage, but the gun takes a bit of getting used to as it has high recoil. If you can get over that though, it's a powerful option.


Speaking of powerful DMRs, the SLR is essentially a more powerful SKS with a bit more recoil. Again, getting used to it takes time, but once you do it becomes a monster of a weapon to use. Its initial velocity is also higher than the SKS at the cost of reload speed being a tad slower. It’s best used at long range.The SLR takes 7.62mm ammunition and going by appearances, it looks just like any other bog-standard rifle. Start firing this thing at an enemy though, and you'll quickly realise that it packs one hell of a punch. There's hardly any bullet drop at mid to long range, you can confidently tap the trigger rapidly without any strong recoil kick and it can down an enemy in just three hits.


Found only in airdrops, this is a very good long-ranged rifle for taking out enemies at a distance. It’s essentially a bigger version of the SKS, but deals more damage at the cost of increased recoil. It also has an automatic firing mode, making it quite versatile. Well worth equipping should you be lucky to encounter it.


Found only on the Shanok map, the QBU replaces the Mini-14. It has a slightly increased damage capacity at the cost of magazine size, which is half of the Mini-14, but is still a fairly decent option for those looking to have long-ranged battles.