PUBG Medium Range Weapons Guide


PUBG has a massive range of guns currently available, each with its own set of pros and cons. There are so many different weapons in PUBG that makes pretty tricky to get yourself properly accustomed to each one. You're only able to practice with a limited number of weapons per match, after all, and they've each got their own characteristics to manage too.In this article, We’ll give you a complete rundown of the best medium range guns in PUBG.

Medium Range Weapons - Assault Rifles


The AKM uses 7.62 mm ammo, and does the most damage per hit of all the assault rifles, two headshots should be enough to take out anyone who isn’t wearing a Level 3 helmet. However, it has more recoil and bullet drop. The high damage potentially makes it the best assault rifle for taking single shots at a long range, but only if you’re good enough to land them.

2Aug A3

Can only be found in air drops, but packs a punch and has excellent handling. It's only drawback is that it takes a long time to reload compared to some of its contemporaries.But its really worth for the challenge you have to take up to reach the air drop after taking off bunch of competitors who tries to pick the same.

3Beryl M762

Beryl M762 on par with the SCAR-L in many ways, its base damage is a little low initially, but more than the other 5.56mm assault rifles. It more than makes up for it with a highly elevated firing rate. Just make sure you stick some fore grips on it to reduce the ridiculous recoil this weapon has.


Another assault rifle that can only be found in air drops, but it is powerful and has the second highest rate of fire of all the assault rifles.The Groza’s got some other obvious flaws you should be aware of, the biggest being its lengthy reload time of 3 seconds (without a Quickdraw magazine) and its distinct lack of attachment slots. Treat it like a pseudo Assault Rifle though, and you’ll be far too enamoured to even notice its drawbacks.Make sure you don’t run out and always have a bullet in the chamber before reloading.


The M416 takes 5.56mm ammo, and has decent overall stats once it’s fully kitted out, though don’t expect that to happen in every game. If you already have some attachments for it, picking this up is a no-brainer – the only instance where I wouldn’t swap to it is if a match is nearly over and I don’t think I’m going to find any more.


The M16A4 does slightly less damage than the AKM as it uses 5.56mm ammo, but has a higher bullet speed that makes taking long range shots easier. Spamming burst-fire actually does more damage at close range than the full-auto of other assault rifles, which also makes this the best choice in this category for short-range engagements.All in all it’s a brilliant performer that doesn’t do anything fancy and simply gets the job done no matter what situation you happen to find yourself in.


Has the same damage output as the AKM but has a lower rate of fire as it fires in single and two round bursts. You’ll want to upgrade to higher quality weapons as the game progresses, but it’s a good weapon to have in the early-to-mid game.


Exclusive to the Shanok map and replaces the SCAR-L on that map. It has a magazine size of 30m taking the same 5.56mm bullets. It’s commonly used and one of its key feature is increased fire rate and low recoil.While the QBZ95 isn't as powerful as its counterparts, it's certainly one of the easiest assault rifles to handle. Don't pass this weapon by!


The SCAR-L shoots 5.56mm bullets, but has the worst stats of any assault rifle on the maps it is on. It’s one saving grace is that the recoil is a little easier to control than with other weapons, but you should still only use it if you can’t find anything better.


It hits hard, but the DP-28 is slow to fire. That said, this makes compensating for the recoil surprisingly easy to manage. It does lack attachments with only certain sights being compatible, but it does have a bipod for reducing the recoil when crouched or standing still.


Featuring 100 5.56mm rounds per magazine, the M249 can hurl a rain of bullets at an alarming speed. It does have a reduced recoil, though the rate of fire makes it hard to be all that precise. You can also go prone to activate the bipod for even more reduced recoil. Just make sure nobody’s around when you’re reloading as it takes the longest time in the game: Seven seconds!