PUBG Short Range Weapons Guide


Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds which is shortly called as PUBG have become one of the most popular and played by millions of people in recent times.It has a massive range of guns currently available, each with its own set of scopes and attachments to glue on. With the random nature of the shrinking blue zone, you only have limited control over what situations you’ll get into. In other words, you always want to make sure that you have a short-range and a long-range weapon. We’ll give you a complete rundown of the best short range guns in PUBG.

Short Range Weapons - Shotguns


The S12K is a semi-automatic gauge shotgun. The large magazine and high-firing rate means there’s less pressure to land every shot, and also makes it more suited to taking out groups when compared to the other shotguns, though its range is not as good.You can't attach a choke, which means it’s less effective than other shotguns at anything beyond close range, while it does slightly less damage per shot.


The classic double-barrelled shotgun is probably the most effective tool for extreme close quarters. If you’re playing solo, a viable alternative is the double barrel S686 gauge shotgun. Although it can only fire two shells before it needs to be reloaded, those shells do more damage at point blank range it can one shot someone even if they’re wearing the highest tier armour. You can also double tap to fire both shells in very quick succession. In my experience however, enemies go down quickly enough when you’re close up, that the S12K or the Vector can still get the job done and have rounds left over.


The S1897 is a pump action shotgun with five shells in each clip, which makes it a better option than the S686 in duo or squad games – though the time between each shot is still much higher than the S12K.However, the slow rate of fire can spell your doom if you miss even once, making it unforgiving.


The Sawed-off shotgun is a two barrelled shotgun that can only have the Choke SG attachment applied to its muzzle. It uses 12 Gauge ammunition and has very short range and only fires twice before reloading. It’s okay in a pinch, but prioritise other weapons as soon as you can.

Sub-machine Guns


The Vector SMG takes .45 ACP rounds, has a 13 bullet sized clip by default and can fire in single, burst or full-auto. It’s an attractive option with an extended mag that takes the clip size up to 25. It really struggles at longer distances though, and can’t match the damage potential of a shotgun at incredibly close range.There's no weapon we'd rather have in the last moments of most matches, where we are enclosed in a small area. Nearly always best used in full-auto, firing in bursts to retain accuracy beyond 15m.

6Micro Uzi

The Uzi uses 9mm ammo and can do a lot of damage up close, but has the worst range of any weapon in the game – I’d personally much rather have a decent shotgun or a different SMG, but that’s just me. It’s best moments are in the early game when everyone is hunting for weapons.With a stock the Uzi becomes far more stable, but it’s still terrible at anything above 15-20 meters.


Many people prefer to pack the UMP submachine gun as their short-range option, and not without good reason. It’s more versatile than the other guns here, with a single shot and burst fire mode that make it viable at longer ranges, in addition to a full-auto mode for close engagements. It takes 9mm ammo, which should be in plentiful supply. I’m usually more inclined to take the S12K when I have the choice, seen as I like to camp inside buildings and it’s a better tool for ambushes. If I’m using a sniper rifle rather than an assault rifle, I’ll take the UMP so that I can better handle mid-range engagements.

8Tommy Gun

The Tommy Gun is an SMG that fires .45 ACP rounds, and its fast firing rate gives it better damage than the UMP at close range. It can take a barrel, magazine and grip attachment, though the lack of a sight attachment and poor damage at anything other than close range prevent it from being an ideal choice.



The P18C is currently the only pistol in the game which can spew bullets in full auto mode. This makes it absolutely incredible at shredding targets at close range, especially in the early-game when players are less likely to be wearing body armour or helmets - and players are all heading to the same popular spots.As with any pistol you can wield in the game, the P18C isn’t great at long range, but if you can control its vicious recoil this sidearm will prove to be your perfect companion on the battlefield.


The P1911 takes .45 ACP rounds. This gives it fantastic stopping-power at close range when compared with many other pistols that use less potent 9mm rounds. It’ll struggle against enemies at a distance (as you'd expect), but it more than makes up for its range limitations when you’re downing nearby opponents in just a few well-placed shots.

Miscellaneous weapons


A weapon for people who want to share clips of themselves pulling off clutch shots. With damage second only to the AWM, the crossbow combines with poor range and a slow projectile travel time to give you a weapon that is extremely limited in usefulness, but extremely satisfying to kill with. The bolts fall to the ground quickly after a few dozen meters. The Crossbow has good damage and is naturally stealthy, but the downsides far outweigh the positives. It’s got a long reload time between each shot and there’s a large amount of drop on each bolt, making it too unwieldy to be used effectively.


Pan is a melee weapon which is also known as iconic weapon of PUBG.It is also the best choice when it comes to taking a big fat melee swing at enemies. It’s an insta-kill if you clang it off someone’s body, and most importantly of all it’s bulletproof to boot.Having it equipped is equal to wearing an additional piece of armour as it’s able to deflect bullets off your posterior with ease.