Top 10 Beach Resorts in Chennai

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Chennai being the perfect geographical location along the shoreline of Bay of Bengal is blessed with some magical beaches, hence plenty of beach resorts are available in Chennai.These beautiful resorts are becoming a perfect weekend getaway to give anybody an experience of leisure and luxury in calmness while a huge swimming pool, palm-lined trees, a good drink, lip-smacking dinner, clear sky and sound of water ripples surround the atmosphere. A huge variety of seafood awaits in the restaurants, and service of sauna and massage awaits you near the pool.

1Vivanta By Taj – Fisherman’s Cove

Vivanta by Taj – Fisherman’s Cove which was built out of an old Dutch fort, undoubtedly tops the list of the finest beach resorts in Chennai with its grand architecture and impressive landscaping. Located along the coast of the famous and energy packed Covelong Beach, the resort charms every visitor who decides to stay here, be it a family with kids looking for a joyous, exciting stay, or a couple on their honeymoon looking for a romantic, cosy ambience. The recently renewed and absolutely lavish cottages and villas, the trendy restaurants, the chic bar cum lounge brimming with energy, and an awesome spa facility make the resort stand out from others.

2MGM Beach Resort

Blessed with the beauty of a gorgeous, sun bathed beach, the MGM Beach Resort provides for the perfect getaway for travelers of all types. The peaceful, sophisticated ambience, the lush, sprawling lawns dotted with over 88 beguiling cottages, rooms and suites, tall coconut trees lining up in perfect uniformity, a traditional architecture with majestic Mangalore-tiled sloping roofs, and the best of amenities make MGM one of the best resorts in Chennai. Also, it provides a perfect sanctum for the grandest of destination weddings and stag parties.

3Country Club Jade Beach Resort

The Country Club Jade Beach Resort located on the ECR stretch is known for its breathtaking view of the Bay of Bengal from every corner of the property. Awarded as the “Best Resort” in South India in the year 2012 by Epicurus South India Hospitality, the resort is equipped with all modern amenities. It provides for a perfect getaway to relax and unwind and also lets visitors enjoy the goodness of the beach, which makes it an ideal beach resort in Chennai.

4Chariot Beach Resort

Chariot Beach Resort is one of the most premier beach resorts in Chennai, even in Southern India. Located on the outskirts of the holy town of Mahabalipuram, the resort is worlds apart from the bustling town.Spread in an area of about 42 acres, the resort is located next to the Five Rathas of Mahabalipuram and is the best picture of serenity and comfort painted by hand. Facing towards the open seas, the resort has some of the most envious features that make it one of the most coveted resorts for various purposes in the region.Be it your family get-together, a day out with friends, corporate outings, or just some private time with your partner, the Chariot Beach Resort caters to all and with equal pleasure.

5Ideal Beach Resort

Ideal Beach Resort is known for its refreshing and peaceful ambience and a beautiful beach to chill at.Sitting in the lap of the idyllic coromandel coastline overlooking the Bay of Bengal, Ideal Beach Resort provides endless opportunities to refresh and rejuvenate oneself. Visitors can experience the Ayurvedic Massage & Spa, shop for souvenirs at their boutique, & visit their orchid farm in Poonjeri Village where 30 different types and colors of orchids are grown, among other interesting activities.

6Mamalla Beach Resort

With a large array of world-class amenities and direct access to a charming beach, the Mamalla Beach Resort is among the best beach resorts in Chennai. This relaxed beachfront resort possesses luxurious, upgraded rooms with all the modern facilities set in colourful buildings as well as an international restaurant specializing in local seafood with an outdoor dining area and bar.

7InDeco Resort

Nestled on the tranquil Mamallapuram beach in Chennai, InDeco Resort is carved out of a British camping site from the 1800’s and proudly restores that heritage. InDeco’s display of local art, vernacular architecture, & preservation of ecology, all in a modern format, is highly commendable. It employs local crafts-persons to showcase their skills to all its visitors, and in return, offers livelihood benefits to these local communities. Offering spacious rooms, authentic cuisines, and contemporary luxuries in a historical backdrop at a very nominal price, InDeco Resort has earned itself the tag of being among the most affordable private beach resorts in Chennai.

8Silver Sands Resort

The Silver Sands Resort is situated among beautiful casuarina trees which is one of the best Beach Resorts in Chennai, creating the perfect setting for a corporate holiday. The resort is quite unique as it has been designed and built to resemble a jungle.The Beach Resort is within 60 kms from the main city, which makes it a perfect place to stay during your weekend getaway from Chennai. The authentic and rustic vibe offers a unique experience. The open expanse and the fact that the resort is situated on the beach is one of the main reasons why it continues to be a favourite tourist and corporate destination. Amongst the sandy riches, many fun team beach games can be held.

The resort has one main restaurant which is open on all days of the week and provides wholesome, delicious and nutritious food. The room service is prompt and caters to your needs. There are quite a few indoor and outdoor games on offer, the most popular among them being snooker and billiards.

9Golden Sun Beach Resort

Golden Sun Beach Resort on Covelong beach boasts of a spacious, comfortable, and incredibly affordable stay, and rightly so. Being one of the romantic resorts in Chennai for couples, it offers private access to beach bums, and relaxation to those seeking peace, along with which it has all facilities for every type of traveler they serve at rock bottom rates. Providing a horde of amenities at a low budget, Golden Sun is listed among the cheapest Chennai beach resorts.

10V G P Golden Beach Resort

Day out at the VGP Golden Beach Resort brings you to the coastal beauty of the city of Chennai. Located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, the resort boasts of the best sunrise views of the region.Another great fact about the resort is that it is one of the few places who strive to showcase the art and craft in all of their timeless beauty.The beach itself gives out a rustic feel mixed with the perfection of the spaces prepared for organizing several events. Be it a vacationing day out by the beach, or a corporate day out, you can easily find your fit in the packages that the resort offers.