Play a Prank with your friends!

Create a link and share it to your friends by which you can prank them!

Start Now!

Let's go and have fun by playing a prank with your friends!

How to play steps:

  1. Click on Start Now button.You will be taken to enter your details page.

  2. Once you are done with entering the valid details.You will be asked to choose how you are going to prank your friends.

  3. Once you hit on continue button you will be taken to share link page.

  4. Now your link is ready and you will need to share the same with your friends through any of the social media share buttons that you like.

  5. For example,say If a person entered the name as John in the enter your details page and chosen to prank his friends by sending them a marriage invitation,now his friends will receive a link saying that "you got a marraige invitation from to know who is his fiancee" and at once they open a link they will get pranked by seeing a clown image.

  6. You are free to create multiple links using multiple reasons.

Go ahead and have fun by playing a prank with your friends!