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Create an IPL quiz and Challenge your friends and family by sharing it with them and check how many they can get correctly!

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How to play steps:

  1. Click on Start Now button.You will be taken to enter your details page.

  2. Once you are done with entering the valid details.You will be asked to choose any 10 questions among 50 questions provided by Fun Fiesta.

  3. Once you hit on continue button you will be taken to review your quiz page.

  4. After you click on submit button you will be taken to share quiz link page.

  5. Now your link is ready and you will need to share the same with your friends and family through any of the social media share buttons that you like.

  6. Your friends will log their responses onto your results page using the link which you have shared.

  7. Track the same link which you have shared with your friends to check their results instantly.

  8. Your results page will show the analytics of your friends scores and answers.

  9. *Please be informed that as part of your privacy measures only you will be able to see all of your friends responses in your results page and your friends can see only their results after successful completion of their quiz.However, you will not be able to see the results once you have cleared your browser cookies.

  10. Always Use the same browser, in which you have created the quiz link to know your friends results.

  11. For example, if you are creating your quiz link using Google Chrome and sharing it to your friends via any social medias,make sure that you are using only Google Chrome to check your results.

  12. Above measures are taken to ensure your privacy policy.

  13. You are free to create multiple quiz using different sets of questions.

Go ahead and have fun by Challenging your friends!